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First Banking Services, Inc.,(FBS) based out of Middle Tennessee, is a leader in providing innovative products that enhance those products traditionally offered by banks and other financial service organizations. With over three decades of experience in working with clients’ bank service needs in various vertical industries, we have developed a complete line of account management reporting products and services:

  • Standard Bank Reconciliation
  • Trust/Escrow Accounting & Reconciliation
  • Transaction & Balance Alerting, Monitoring & Management Reporting
  • BAI2/Daily Bank Clearing File

FBS started with the primary vision to partner with banks focusing on the real estate title and related industries - specifically title insurance companies and real estate closing attorneys. After the launch of the initial service offering, the company quickly began developing ancillary transaction accounting services as needed by these “niche” markets. Our vast experience in the real estate accounting area was vital in providing assistance to those industries dealing with large volumes of transactions. These services were quickly embraced by other industries and immediately broadened the opportunity for service offerings into other vertical commercial markets.

To Our Credit:
  • Proven expertise in the financial services industry – we understand the client’s needs and have years of experience in the related niche markets
  • Strong track record and successful experience in the fiduciary, legal, retail, healthcare, public funds and real estate industries to name a few
  • Strong marketing and customer support by providing proactive sales initiatives and joint bank marketing opportunities
  • Flexibility, creativity and ability to design and support customized services based on client and/or bank needs
Providing Services Since 1990