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Reconciliation Services

  • Standard Bank Reconciliation

    A comprehensive reconciliation of the client’s bank account (i.e. Operating Account) to the bank statement….book balance to bank balance.

  • Escrow Account Reconciliation

    A 3-Way reconciliation primarily for real estate closing attorneys and title insurance companies and agents. The service maintains the accounts and ensures compliance with underwriters' and various other regulatory agencys' guidelines.

Account Alerting, Monitoring & Management Reporting

A daily transaction and balance reporting service utilizing both bank cleared and client issued data. Identifies potential problems or fraudulent activity allowing management to take appropriate and timely corrective action.

Bank Account Consolidation & Sub-Account Reporting

  • Virtual Sub-Account Reporting
  • ZBA Sub-Account Reporting

    Allows multiple bank accounts’ transactions (DDAs, ZBAs) to be consolidated into one master bank account then grouped and totaled by Virtual or ZBA sub-account as defined by the client’s requirements.

    Allows individual bank account transactions to be grouped and totaled by Virtual sub-account as defined by the client’s requirements.


  • Interest earnings can be allocated to each Virtual or ZBA sub-account
  • Fees can be allocated to each Virtual or ZBA sub-account
  • 1099INT reporting is available
  • On-line inquiry, maintenance and reporting is available

Eliminates unnecessary bank account and statement maintenance.

The client enjoys the benefits of one account while maintaining the detail as if they had separate standard bank accounts.

Consolidated BAI Reporting

Multiple bank account transactions in BAI2 file format are consolidated daily into one master daily BAI2 file format for easy client software importing.

Custom Services

Customized processing and reporting of bank account transactions to meet the client’s specific reporting needs.

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